Monthly Archives: October 2012

Weather Outside 2

I am thankful for my warm bed when the wind is howling outside the window.


The Weather Outside is Frightful

I am thankful for shelter in a storm.
And for the scheduling option on WordPress which will allow me to keep posting even of the power goes out.
For several days even.

Spam, spam, spam, spam, eggs and spam…

I am already glad WP has a spam filter. I have to train myself to look at the stats and check the spam filter for false positives, but so far, the junk WP has trapped has in fact been spam.

Of course, spam free is a lofty, unrealistic, unreachable goal. But I will absolutely hit the target if I aim at nothing.


Chrome Apps 2

I am thankful for GMail©. Available via Chrome©, Android©, FITB*. Although I save WAY too many emails, I still have only used about 1% of my free storage space on Gmail, And because I can access it from any web browser, well, I can access it from any web browser. I could conceivably switch to another webmail service, but there’s no going back to anything like an email program on my device(s).



Gmail logo



*FITB: Fill In The Blank, for those that missed it earlier…

Chrome Apps 1

I am thankful for Mint–makes tracking expenses so much easier. There is the Chrome app and  varieties for whatever your particular fav regarding platform. You might have noticed I tend to prefer Android.

Not going to get into a long spiel promoting them. See for yourself. logo

But I like it.