Weather Outside 2

I am thankful for my warm bed when the wind is howling outside the window.


Chrome Apps 2

I am thankful for GMail©. Available via Chrome©, Android©, FITB*. Although I save WAY too many emails, I still have only used about 1% of my free storage space on Gmail, And because I can access it from any web browser, well, I can access it from any web browser. I could conceivably switch to another webmail service, but there’s no going back to anything like an email program on my device(s).



Gmail logo



*FITB: Fill In The Blank, for those that missed it earlier…

Chrome Apps 1

I am thankful for Mint–makes tracking expenses so much easier. There is the Chrome app and  varieties for whatever your particular fav regarding platform. You might have noticed I tend to prefer Android.

Not going to get into a long spiel promoting them. See for yourself. logo

But I like it.