I am thankful for the ability to write a post in advance and have WordPress post it automagically on a date I specify. “Look, Ma! No hands!”

This allows me to observe a day of rest, while still posting every day. I have given some thought to setting up a boat load of posts in advance and not worrying about it for however long, but that kind of short circuits the whole discipline and attitude change thing. I’m glad the option is there; I am anticipating times during which daily posting will be challenging at best, but it is definitely not something I want to use much for this blog. Maybe for other blogs…

And I want to set another precedent, in addition to observing a day of rest: purposefully recognizing where my thankfulness is pointed.

When we in America use the word “thankful”, we tend to focus on what we are thankful for...I am thankful for FITB (fill in the blank). We generally do not think about focusing on thankful to. To Whom am I thankful? Perhaps looking at it this way: November is noteworthy in terms of holidays for Thanksgiving. OK. To Whom are we giving thanks? Obviously, I have an opinion about that. (Actually, everyone does…but I digress.) For me, an essential part of my overall Attitude Adjustment is remembering to Whom I am thankful, regardless of what it is I am thankful for.

I am thankful and You know Who You are. 🙂


One Reply to “Rest”

  1. and I am thankful to your sister for her example in carrying a significant load on her back while traversing the trails yesterday. It helped me to keep trudging on, too.

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