More Chrome

I am thankful for Google Chrome‘s sync ability though Google–I can use Chrome on multiple computers, laptops, devices and have essentially the same experience since all my preferences, settings, etc. are all synced.


Yeah, I’m using lots of Google products and they’re mining the data for literally all it’s worth. So is just about everyone else. Google is “fairly” up front about it (unlike some other companies who shall remain nameless). As I learned from the great Robert Heinlein, “TANSTAAFL–There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”. (1) Every product or service has a cost to them what offer it and that means there’s a price somewhere. For “free” stuff, YOU might not pay the price but someone always does. It may be “eaten” by the vendor as a marketing technique, it may be covered by advertising, shoot, even “charity” someone else is paying the bill. So I don’t have a great deal of issue with the advertising or data mining to support the advertising.


I do mind when folks aren’t up front about it. Deception is…irritating. Yeah, the ads can be a pain too, at times, but that’s why a lot of companies offer ad free versions for a fee. The piper must be paid. (The devil too, but that’s a different bunny trail, us, metaphor…)

I am also a bit concerned about what other info might be mined that is being sold and used for things other than driving advertising and profits. But only when I think about it.

So I generally don’t.

/end rant.


(1) from The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.


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