I am thankful for malware–malicious software. Be it a virus, rootkit, trojan, adware, FITB (that’s Fill-In-The-Blank), I like the concept. Computer cooties.

Really. For this reason and this reason only: Intentionality. They are deliberate. I like deliberate, purposefullness. Check out my motto–it’s in the tag line: Lente vivere coram Deo  Live deliberately in the presence of God. (OK, so my Latin leaves something to be desired…)

Doing things on purpose, with purpose, instead of letting life just happen to you.

That’s ALL I like about malware, but there you have it.

OK, I also like the fact that malware made the transition to Linux from Micro$oft a necessity rather than simply a hobby.

<sigh> Now it’s out there. Yes, I am a Penguinista wannabe.  Tux, the Linux mascot


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