Capturing Computer Cooties

I am thankful for SystemSuite Professional (from Avanquest), the Swiss Army Pocket Toolbox of software I use to keep my Win systems running smooth. Been with SS since v5 or so. Originally cost me $50. Each upgrade or subscription renewal has been around $20 since then.

Haven’t had any trouble with the software or computer cooties since using it. Yeah, I know I posted about a rootkit that infected a machine prompting the formal, official transition to Linux (Ubuntu) but system suite professional box it was on the one machine not covered by SystemSuite Pro. All the reviews I’ve found say it works well, but doesn’t explain the various tools  & such very well. I guess it depends on how you define “very well.” I think it does just fine. But then I’m not completely compuker illiterate. just mostly.

Definitely does the job. And for a lot less than many competitors.



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