The Joy of Leftovers

I am thankful for Thanksgiving leftovers. Yep. Still nibbling away at ’em.

But then again, I worked Thanksgiving Day so I didn’t have the initial overload either.

Be that at it may, they are all still tasty. Gotta get ’em before they spoil, right? Besides, it they’re gonna go to waist, it should be mine.   😉

Especially the pumpkin cheesecake with gluten-free gingersnap crust that I made…and had for breakfast. Yum!


An Abundance of Opportunity

I am thankful for a boat load of things, which isn’t unusual, but I try hard to limit myself to just one per post. Today just happens to be a bit harder than usual.

The moon was particularly beautiful last night. Don’t know if it was full or not; frankly I can’t see all that well most nights, not that it changes the beauty or my appreciation of it.

And the reason that I was up late to see such beauty was emailing back and forth with “my recruiter” (the folks that are helping me find a contract to teach English in Korea)–they found a school and my interview is this Sunday! And I’ll admit I’m a bit excited. Yeah, right! Who am I trying to kid! I’m a LOT excited!

From the descriptions the recruiters have sent, it looks like a pretty good match. And I’m guessing that the headmaster thinks so too, why schedule an interview otherwise?

Soooo, two new items on my immediate To Do list: research “typical questions for a Korean TEFL interview” and check out the school’s website. Via Google translate…

Network Storage

I am thankful for network attached storage. I can set it up to backup all the computers on the home network, turn it into a media center to stream movies around the house–and have the opportunity to take that stream wherever I (or the rest of the family) go.

Had some problem with an external hdd before, but not backing up isn’t an option either.

Now how to figure out getting the movies into the thing & setting up the share…


Anti Virus

I am thankful for wonderfully functioning antivirus software that keeps me and my family’s toys safe from cyber kooties.
I use Avanquest’s System Suite 14. Been a fan since SS5 or 6. Tons of system tools in addition to the malware filters that are frequently updated.
And  no, I do not receive any compensation other than a good night’s rest from recommending their products. Not opposed to the idea, mind you. It just ain’t happenin. Yet.

Computer Viruses

I am thankful for computer viruses.
As no, I’m not completely off my trolley. Just mostly.
The reason is that computer viruses are intentional.
And I’m into intentionality. Purpose.
I am also thankful for the opportunity to do the cleaning and overhaul, even buying new toys, that malware sometimes force on you. Throw in the idea that fear of losing everything strongly encourages backing up.
Other than that, there’s nothing to recommend them. I am decidedly NOT a fan of the mindset that creates such havoc and considered it fun.

On Thankfulness

I am thankful for to the prompt? desire? to begin this blog for sharing my ideas about being thankful and developing an attitude of gratitude. I have a growing list of individual items for which I am thankful–like the gorgeous cardinal eating from the feeder right outside my window as I type. I’m thankful for the touch typing classes I had in high school that allow me to write while enjoying the birds outside. And for spell check because my typing ain’t all that great.

The experiment is evidently taking root. When I sat down, I was completely clueless about what I would post and that was frustrating. I have literal pages of ideas in a little notebook I carry with me for capturing those ideas. (I’m even worse at thumb typing on my Galaxy Tablet than I am on a regular keyboard, handwriting is much faster at this point.) And I was stressing just the littlest bit about posting something with my “usual” Sunday spiritual spin. Although to be  honest, I’m not sure how well I’ve done at that; have to look.

Maybe part of the challenge with writer’s block is that i’m using three different methods of writing: handwriting, standard keyboarding and thumb keying. (Is there a word for that? Texting style?) Anyway, while the three obviously use the same muscles–there are only so many in my hands after all–they are used in very different ways, so the muscle memory and the feelings/thoughts/mood that each produce are different. And that can be a good thing. I can tap into different perspectives, as it were, just by changing the scribing process. I know from working them both that handwriting and keyboarding are different experiences and trigger the creative juices, such as they are, differently. Just hadn’t considered it in a long while.

Ah…now there’s a pileated woodpecker hammering at the suet…

Here’s the spiritual spin for this Sunday then: I am thankful not only for the beautiful birds outside, the quietude to enjoy them, the technology to share it with you–and thankful for you, Dear Reader!–I am above all thankful for Him Who created such wonders: the cardinal, the woodpecker, the dear Reader…

This is my Father’s world, and to my listening ears all nature sings, and round me rings the music of the spheres.
This is my Father’s world: I rest me in the thought of rocks and trees, of skies and seas; His hand the wonders wrought.
This is my Father’s world, the birds their carols raise, the morning light, the lily white, declare their Maker’s praise.
This is my Father’s world, He shines in all that’s fair; in the rustling grass I hear Him pass; He speaks to me everywhere.
This is my Father’s world. O let me ne’er forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.
This is my Father’s world: why should my heart be sad? The Lord is King; let the heavens ring! God reigns; let the earth be glad![5]
From Wikipedia. The linked footnote is theirs.

Black Friday

I am thankful it’s over. Black Friday, I mean. I’ve seen this same photo circulate Facebook that comments “Black Friday: Because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.” Actually, there are a couple of different pics with the same commentary. Sad but true.

I am working a temporary position at a local university while preparing for my trip to Korea (teaching English). There is a student from London who was intending to travel to a very large mall not too far from here just to see what the Black Friday hullabaloo is all about. I told him I’d pray for his safety. He didn’t get the joke (save it wasn’t one).

It’s just a sad, sad statement about what all too many Americans really worship and what they’re willing to sacrifice for more…stuff. None of which they can take with them. “He who dies with the most toys wins.” Uh, he who dies with the most toys is still dead and can’t play with them. Ever see a hearse pulling a U-Haul? Me neither.

Yea. A bit cynical today. Probably because the sarcastic commentary is cutting too close to the bone. I can say I did not go to any stores yesterday. I did my little 2 item shopping spree online. And I have the most excellent rationalizations for them too. (“Man is not a rational animal so  much as a rationalizing one.” Robert Heinlein, Double Star).

Since I’m saving for Korea, I almost didn’t want to make the purchases, but I’m not a complete dummy (just mostly). I saved $100 on them–and would probably have purchased them or something very like them as part of my preparations. Two external hard drives. One portable for my data, photos, etc (I’m digitizing literal reams of stuff and shredding/recycling) and taking photos of “memorabilia” to save the memories and carting it off to Goodwill. The other is a larger unit to store the family’s movies. The kids seem to have a rule that they cannot put the dvds back in the cases. I’ve pitched at least 14 in the last year that were too damaged to use, much as I tried. Fingerprints are easy, scratches not so bad. But gouges…beyond my limits for talent and WAY past my patience. I chose a model that will allow them to stream the video feed to wherever on our home network. That there is an Android™ app for me to use elsewhere is a wonderful bonus and one of the reasons I chose this particular item. Like I said, I’m not completely stupid.

I am finding, however, that the reduction in “stuff” is tremendously liberating. Getting rid of the vast majority of my library was particularly painful, initially, being a bibliophile and all. I will be replacing my favorites electronically as time…well, as finances allow, so for the time being, I’m just making a list and when I get the need to read, hit up the library.

Sorry. YART. (Yet Another Rabbit Trail).