Feathered Rat

I am thankful for chicken. Another critter with the incredible Prime Porcine Power: Garbage to Food.

I spent one summer, many moons ago, working in the kitchen at a local Scout camp. To shorten the long story: we served loads of chicken. I wasn’t impressed. We had to clean them. Yuck. Back then, I thought the fact that they ate so much…garbage…was gross. Just feathered rats, eating anything. I didn’t receive the revelation about how they turned garbage into food until many years later.

I’m still not a huge fan of most chicken. Store bought. Industrialized. And the greatest sin: flavorless. Nearly as nasty as tofu. However, like toadfood, that very flavorlessness means that it is insanely versatile. It will take on whatever other flavors you pair it with. And, like toadfood, it is hormone hell. Soy products can act like estrogen supplements. (google it yourself) I have enough problems, hormonally speaking, managing diabetes. Unlike toadfood, industrial feathered rat ain’t the least bit natural.

I do like range birds though. Especially the four legged ones that moo or oink.

Just sayin.


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