Black Friday

I am thankful it’s over. Black Friday, I mean. I’ve seen this same photo circulate Facebook that comments “Black Friday: Because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.” Actually, there are a couple of different pics with the same commentary. Sad but true.

I am working a temporary position at a local university while preparing for my trip to Korea (teaching English). There is a student from London who was intending to travel to a very large mall not too far from here just to see what the Black Friday hullabaloo is all about. I told him I’d pray for his safety. He didn’t get the joke (save it wasn’t one).

It’s just a sad, sad statement about what all too many Americans really worship and what they’re willing to sacrifice for more…stuff. None of which they can take with them. “He who dies with the most toys wins.” Uh, he who dies with the most toys is still dead and can’t play with them. Ever see a hearse pulling a U-Haul? Me neither.

Yea. A bit cynical today. Probably because the sarcastic commentary is cutting too close to the bone. I can say I did not go to any stores yesterday. I did my little 2 item shopping spree online. And I have the most excellent rationalizations for them too. (“Man is not a rational animal so  much as a rationalizing one.” Robert Heinlein, Double Star).

Since I’m saving for Korea, I almost didn’t want to make the purchases, but I’m not a complete dummy (just mostly). I saved $100 on them–and would probably have purchased them or something very like them as part of my preparations. Two external hard drives. One portable for my data, photos, etc (I’m digitizing literal reams of stuff and shredding/recycling) and taking photos of “memorabilia” to save the memories and carting it off to Goodwill. The other is a larger unit to store the family’s movies. The kids seem to have a rule that they cannot put the dvds back in the cases. I’ve pitched at least 14 in the last year that were too damaged to use, much as I tried. Fingerprints are easy, scratches not so bad. But gouges…beyond my limits for talent and WAY past my patience. I chose a model that will allow them to stream the video feed to wherever on our home network. That there is an Android™ app for me to use elsewhere is a wonderful bonus and one of the reasons I chose this particular item. Like I said, I’m not completely stupid.

I am finding, however, that the reduction in “stuff” is tremendously liberating. Getting rid of the vast majority of my library was particularly painful, initially, being a bibliophile and all. I will be replacing my favorites electronically as time…well, as finances allow, so for the time being, I’m just making a list and when I get the need to read, hit up the library.

Sorry. YART. (Yet Another Rabbit Trail).



One Reply to “Black Friday”

  1. I just read a few articles on the drudge report about the fighting and gun’s fired, and people shot outside of Walmart. It’s sad. I did some shopping about a week prior. I haven’t tried to go on a Black Friday. My wife got a two for one deal at a GameStop but she wasn’t fighting through crowds of people or had to be there at 12am.

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