An Abundance of Opportunity

I am thankful for a boat load of things, which isn’t unusual, but I try hard to limit myself to just one per post. Today just happens to be a bit harder than usual.

The moon was particularly beautiful last night. Don’t know if it was full or not; frankly I can’t see all that well most nights, not that it changes the beauty or my appreciation of it.

And the reason that I was up late to see such beauty was emailing back and forth with “my recruiter” (the folks that are helping me find a contract to teach English in Korea)–they found a school and my interview is this Sunday! And I’ll admit I’m a bit excited. Yeah, right! Who am I trying to kid! I’m a LOT excited!

From the descriptions the recruiters have sent, it looks like a pretty good match. And I’m guessing that the headmaster thinks so too, why schedule an interview otherwise?

Soooo, two new items on my immediate To Do list: research “typical questions for a Korean TEFL interview” and check out the school’s website. Via Google translate…


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