A Breath of Fresh Air

I am thankful for air to breathe and the ability to breathe it.

It is a time of year when the weather is wonky and so is people’s health. Lots of colds, congestion, and the like making the rounds. I don’t seem to have anything (usually when a bug bites me, the bug dies) but I have been having a bit of a challenge finding the right humidity setting on my CPAP–not enough and my throat dries out, too much and the water condenses around my face inside my mask. So I’m a bit more conscious of the process of late.

I remember having a deep bronchitis or cold of some kind nearly 20 years ago now. Suffice it to say that if coughing like that is a symptom of TB, I understand why it was called Consumption. Not something I’d ever what to experience again. Like kidney stones. But that’s another story.

Obviously, since I use a CPAP, sleep apnea is a factor in my life. Yeah, the ability to breathe may not always be at the forefront of my consciousness, but it’s never buried too deep either.



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