God is the Ruler Yet

I am thankful for God’s Sovereignty.

I am actually posting today (instead of scheduling my Sunday Spiritual Spin ahead of time) because I had a phone interview with a school in Daegu, Korea. I was really excited about it. And I must admit it was the most unusual interview I’ve ever done. But then, to be honest, I’ve never interviewed over the phone or internationally before either, let alone spoken with someone whose native language was English (for an interview–I chatted up lots of Germans when I was stationed there in the mid ’80’s).

I am completely clueless as to “how well I did”. In previous interviews, it was pretty obvious to me whether I would be offered a job or not by the end of the session.

And you know what? I’m totally fine with being clueless. OK, mostly fine with it. Because when all is said and done, I firmly believe that God has everything under control regardless. If “it is His will” that I have the position, there is nothing that I or anyone else can do to mess with that. And if “it is not His will,” there’s nothing I (or anyone else) can do to make it happen.

Did I do what I could? You bet. Was that enough? <shrug> I dunno, but I’m certain I’ll find out.

Whether this job works out or not, God is the Ruler yet. And that’s really OK by me.



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