Sleep Tight

I am thankful for a comfortable bed in which to sleep tonight. Actually, because of some chest congestion that I seem to have picked up (which is weird cuz usually bugs die when they bite me), I have been a bit out of breath and tired. So I slept in today.
And going to bed earlier than originally planned.
I am hugely tempted to run down a bunny trail regarding the vagaries of my mother tongue–a colorful language with all manner of wonderfully weird and wacky turns of phrase, like today’s title. Come from a time when beds had ropes/cords strung from the frame and the mattress (a long sack filled with straw more often than not) was placed upon the ropes. Every now and then the ropes would have to be strung to tighten them up to prevent sagging. Hence the injunction to “sleep tight.”
Won’t get into not letting the bed bugs bite.


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