Fellowship II

I am thankful for fellowship. This time, not in a larger, congregational kind of setting, but more the small group. Which I get to enjoy tonight. There is little that is as satisfying as getting together with like minded people to focus on something we all are passionate about.

In this case, it happens to be Bible study. But it could equally apply to stamp collecting, model trains, knitting or tai chi. Or even drinking. (Cue “Friends” theme song.)

I believe we humans are gregarious by nature. We are wired for togetherness, for belonging. It’s why banishment was once considered a more vile punishment than even death. While banishment may not be all the rage in terms of governmental sanctions anymore, being “cast out” or otherwise ostracized is still a huge deterrent for many people. Because we’re built for relationship, for fellowship.

Which is why I’m glad I have the opportunity to gather tonight. I know I’m built that way. and I love every minute of it.



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