sunday’s Spiritual Spin

I am thankful for the people I’ve met while working the temp job I currently have. Because I have been planning to move to Korea to teach English for quite some time now, and needed more $$$ to get ‘er  done, I chose to work with a temp agency in town. The position I have allows me a lot of contact with a wide variety of people–and that’s what makes it an enjoyable job.

And I was reminded that my time there is quickly drawing to a close, so the relationships I’ve developed over the past several months will also be ending. For the most part. There is a statistical possibility that there might be someone who wishes to stay connected via Facebook or LinkedIn or Google+ or some such. I’m not holding my breath.

But I know there are several folks I will see again. That’s because they are also Believers. And I believe when we part it is always “See you later” even if that “later” is Later. Beyond the Pale. On the Other Side.

And that gives me great comfort. Of course, I would like to continue and maintain the relationships–I’m a people person. But I realize it’s not always possible. I’m OK with that too. Not my “druthers,” but there you have it.

I have this confidence that my horizontal relationships with Believers will continue because I have a Vertical Relationship in The One In Whom we Believe. and that’s the greatest comfort.



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