Tech Toys Meets Geek Technique

I am thankful that technology has developed to the point it has. I spent several days’ worth of time over the past couple of weeks learning how to best store the family’s huge collection of movies to our new Seagate GoFlex Home™ network attached storage.

This is where my Tech Toys© meets my Geek Technique©.

Plenty of how-to’s on the net. Tried several versions and finally came up with one that works with my laptop, my mom’s Roku and my sister’s desktop. Haven’t got the Androids or the nephew’s iCrap (no I’m not a fan) yet.

The next hurdle is cranking through the library and storing it. Not looking forward to doing the VHS->dvd->nas. Plus cataloging what movies we have so we’re not duplicating them again.again.

One crisis at a time.

Now serving Crisis 14. Number 14, please!


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