Friends, with benefits

I am thankful for my friends, particularly those who have viewpoints different from mine.

I recently received a FB  notice from a friend (from high school) containing a link to an adorable Christmas video. Her spiritual perspectives are very different from my own. She tends to be on the opposite end of the political spectrum from me. The list could go on. She didn’t have to share that video OR specifically mention me so that my wall would catch the reference and notify me. But that’s what friends do.

Could we be any more “opposites”? Honestly, I’m not sure. Yet we are still friends. Oh, we haven’t seen each other in more decades than I care to count and were it not for FB, we wouldn’t be enjoying our relationship, such as it is, even to the extent we do.

It is precisely because we tend to be so different that I value her input so much. She challenges my ways of thinking, “forcing” me to look for the truth in what she’s saying, even if I don’t like the rhetoric or political slant or whatever. Because she’s a friend, I don’t automatically tune her out, like I so often do with folks with similar mindsets that aren’t my friends.

We’ve learned that in many cases, we actually do believe in the “same things”–we just go about acting on those beliefs in very different ways. She helps me look for the common ground. And because she is such a lady, we are able to intelligently and rationally discuss our beliefs and belief systems without snarky comments or emotional fireworks.

I am so blessed to have friends like her. I can only hope that I am as encouraging and bless her as much as she blesses me.


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