Happy Birthday, Jesus!

I am thankful for Him, Jesus.

We don’t really know when He was born. It certainly wasn’t December 25. But that’s not the point.    We’re not celebrating when He was born; we celebrate that He was born.

God Incarnate–Deity Made Flesh. He became one of us that we might get a glimpse of Who He Is, to be able to relate to Him. He gave up “all the glories of Heaven” to become a tiny baby, laid in a stone trough (aka manger) that foreshadows the stone Tomb in which He would be laid and from which He would rise triumphant over death. Just as an aside, I find it fascinating that there is such an emphasis on His birth, which IS important, don’t get me wrong, but it is not the most important “holy day” in the Christian Calendar. That would be “Easter.” Why isn’t there the same kind of commercialization of Easter as there is Christmas? (A rhetorical exercise for the class…)

There are SO many bunny trails I could follow here, and although this is the Season of giving, I shall refrain and go help set up breakfast so the slavering hordes will have some sustenance prior to jumping into the goodies.

Movement 3 (Gloria) from Daniel Pinkham’s Christmas Cantata. I had the pleasure of singing this at a high school concert (regionals or some such). Enjoy!



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