Freedom to Chose

I am thankful forth freedom to choose.
In particular, choosing to cut ties to a service provider that wasn’t providing good service–customer service.

Following the directions of their “customer service” representatives cost me a great deal of money. None of the managers were willing to make good on their employees’ poor training. I told them that was fine; I will be moving my business to a different provider that values customers. When asked what would make me happy and stay with them, I said a absolute minimum would be refunding the monies that were (mis)spent based on poor information given by their reps as well as fixing the account according to the directions I had given. “We can’t do that.” “Then I can’t stay on as a customer.”

Fortunately, I (hope) to be moving to Korea before too much longer, so it wasn’t that big a sacrifice. But I am still not happy paying for services I couldn’t use. And I am not in the least bit repentant about not lowering my voice; if the manager didn’t want other customers hearing about our deteriorating relationship, perhaps he might have tried a bit harder to do something about it.


So. Rather than get all frumpy about shoddy service from a company that will no longer be getting my money, I choose to be thankful that I have options and can choose another service..

Choice is such a good thing.


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