More Toys

I am thankful for tech toys that make various jobs so much easier.

I found a gizmo that will let me transfer my VHS tapes directly to my pc rather than having to convert them from VHS to dvd and then digitize them for electronic storage. I mentioned the NAS purchased for the family to save the dvds from the kids. The tapes are just sitting in the closet quietly deteriorating. Except for the few I’ve had to take apart and try splicing old school because “the vcr ate them.” Yeah, right.

Anyway, this will make this job–getting the family movie fortune in a place where they can all be readily accessed and enjoyed–so much easier. Gonna stop an set it up.

OK, I’m back. Wow, there’s a lot more in the software package than I thought. Still, it seems pretty straightforward. Captured the VHS I used as a test. Wouldn’t record it–protected tape, But that’s fine. My main concern was getting the data from one medium to another and the test showed it works for that.

Now to bigger projects–a new ROM for my Galaxy Tablet!


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