Ebooks II: Spiritual Specialties–Scripture

sunday’s Spiritual Spin

I am thankful for electronic versions of Scripture. I have more than I can conveniently count and way more than I can effectively use.

My favorites (for now) include: Logos, FaithLife Bible, YouVersion. I am working on picking “the one”  to which I will then make a “study practice” of copying interesting notes, sermon points, FITB from all my other sources, whether electronic or hard copy. I have several paper bibles to transfer, boat loads of Greek & Hebrew notes, and I can’t even remember how many notebooks from various messages, sermons, bible studies, classes, etc I’ve enjoyed over the years.

It also gives me an excuse to filter out material that hasn’t translated well to my current theological understandings. Gotta Love growth!




3 Replies to “Ebooks II: Spiritual Specialties–Scripture”

  1. I switch back and forth between YouVersion and Mantis. Have plenty of translations downloaded on each so I don’t need a WiFi connection to use them. I also love how they integrate note-taking, highlighting, and bookmarking with the apps. One of my Bible apps allows me to have two translations open at the same time, side by side in landscape mode. It’s a big time saver, too, when you don’t have to thumb through the pages to find chapter and verse. It’s just three “clicks” … book, chapter, and verse … then I’m there in seconds. I’m so glad you’ve found these tools to be helpful in your walk as a Christian. We worship a God who could inspire men to create these things so we have more time to spend with Him and less time flipping around in His Book. Cool!

    1. I’ve used numberous e-versions; my fav used to be Laridian, which I used rigorously with my old IPAC pda. I’ve also used OliveTree, Sword project, & several others that escape me.
      I’ll have to look into Mantis. Always looking for goodies. Right now, my primary spiritually oriented goal is to consider the options & pick one system to use. The goal is my own electronic study bible. Eventually, I’d like to have all my notes from each version I’ve ever used (as I am able to resurrect them) including paper bibles (margins, fly leaf, etc), notebooks & sermon tapes/cds. I have lots of material from Greek & Hebrew (having been to cemeter…uh, seminary) so whatever I choose has to have the original texts available, at least as part of the study apparatus. I may end up w/ Logos, since I dropped some pretty serious coin on it and really don’t want the investment to be wasted. All the other versions (save Laridian) are free.

      Anyway, here’s a link to the FaithLife blog. The post on the current page is an overview of the FLSB system. It’s the “free” version sponsored by Logos.com from which I bought the professional software (it is marketed to ministry professionals and professional wannabees like me). For a freebie, it is excellent. I’d go on, but their explanation is much better than mine. There’s also a web based version of the same stuff. I just haven’t checked it out sufficiently to know how well they are all interconnected.


      They have iOS/iPad versions as well (don’t personally care for Apple–they’re just like Microsoft in terms of being closed source software, but that’s another rant…)

      1. Oh, before I forget again, you might be interested in checking out Ecclesia.com or the Ecclesia app/podcast available from the AppStore/iTunes. The pastor is Dr. Andrew Farley. He’s a biblical languages expert (which is why I geek to his teachings…) He does an awesome study of the Scriptures, and I especially like his series on Hebrews. He explains Grace like very few others.


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