The Simplicity and Marvels of Modern Medicine

I am thankful for the marvels of modern medicine, without which I would be long in the grave. How many untold millions of children never reach(ed) age 5 because of childhood diseases against which I was vaccinated as a child? How many more as an adult? To say nothing of diabetes and insulin. So I won’t.

I had a blister form and tear on one of my toes while at work yesterday. Because of diabetically induced nerve damage, I didn’t feel any pain per se, although I did feel it in the form of increased fatigue, swollen ankle (which had been an issue for a couple of days, so I didn’t think too much more of it)–it was a bit more than the usual end-of-a-long-day-spent-on-your-feet kind of thing.

With today’s modern medical miracles, I can deal with this at home quite well. A bit of hydrogen peroxide to clean it out, some triple antibiotic ointment to keep the cooties out, and an easily applied bandage: all available from the local convenience store, supermarket, FITB. No prescription necessary. Oh, I notified my primary care team. I’m not a complete idiot.

Just mostly.



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