Fellowship III

I am (still) thankful for fellowship. Others who believe & think & do the kinds of things I do generally, and are supportive of the things we do differently.

Mostly I’m thankful that we, as a small bible study group, pray for each other. Partly because I know they’re concerned and it feels good to know that others are looking out for me, thinking about me–that I have some significance to (several) somebody(ies). Mostly because it helps remind me that I am, in fact, not the center of the universe, that there are others with problems and challenges, solutions and victories. It really helps me stop focusing on MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME all the time. That we can, together, look to The Light of the World.

When I look to the Light, the shadow of my burdens falls behind me. And then I have to admit that I ain’t carrying them alone, regardless of what if feels like. He is ever with me; and they are with me too.



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