Unexpected Blessings

I am thankful for surprises in the form of unexpected blessings. I have been having some difficulty finding a contract to teach English in Korea. And I have no solid clue why that may be. And the longer I am Stateside, the more expenses nibble at my stash of cash that I’ve squirrelled away to pay for travel & such for Korea.

I was asked if I wanted some extra hours at work. I said yes, so starting this week I will have 40 hours/week instead of 31.5. A significant boost for the stash. The “downside” is I now feel obligated to stick out the semester (I’m working a temp job at a local university) which means my availability date won’t be until at least May 15. Fortunately, it’s only a feeling; there’s no contractual obligation.

On the other hand, that puts me in better position for the hiring  window for the second semester in Korea (hiring July-August for September start) OR the beginning of the new school year for the schools following the American academic calendar.

On the gripping hand*, it means that I’ll be able to pay off more of the smaller bills/debts that I was thinking I’d knock out from Korea. I’ll still do that as needed, since the cost of living vs benefits/income in Korea will mean that I’ll have more disposable income to do that. This unexpected blessing means that I can start whacking away at some of this stuff earlier.

I am thankful that the Lord is aware of what I need and is opening doors for me.

*from The Mote in God’s Eye by Jerry Pournelle


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