Understanding Employers

I am thankful that I have understanding employers/supervisors. Because of the problem I’m having with my toe, I need to sit while doing my job–at least keep off of my foot as much as possible so that I don’t further injure my toe. My job description requires that I stand, but because my bosses “get it”, that requirement is waived, at least temporarily.

Which is such a great thing. Even leaving my foot hang (no weight) or resting my heel on a support under the chair, there’s still a surprising amount of pain–nothing like what it is when I have to stand all day, or walk around. The only time my foot doesn’t hurt is when I lay down and prop it up just a little bit; helps the swelling go down.

And that means I don’t have to get all legalistic by formally requesting “reasonable accommodation” per the Americans with Disabilities Act. Really don’t want to go there if I can avoid it; such things tend to sour working relationships. (Although were invoking it required, I’d guess the relationship wasn’t working that well anyway…)



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