I am thankful for reset buttons.  Their was a problem with the wifi router last night–ultimately fixed by application of the reset button. Wiped the slate clean, so to speak, and while it was inconvenient (losing all the settings) it wasn’t as inconvenient as the malfunctioning wifi.

Children understand the power of a “do over”, a reset.

Adults too frequently forget. We tend to focus on the (relatively) few times you really can’t get a do over of any sort and project them to all circumstances.

With God, there is always a reset button. He allows do overs all the time. Trust in Him and He wipes your slate clean. Well, actually, He gives you a new slate–one that doesn’t hold record of failure no matter how hard you try to scribble them on it.

But that’s another story. (Be welcome to contact me about it if you’d like to hear it. I will update this post as soon as I get it written up and added as another page here.)


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