Time Warp

I am thankful for the ability in WordPress to “go back in time” to edit old posts. For example, I just added a “pets” category and will be adding it to the posts dealing with pets. Both of them.

And…it gives  me the ability to plug-in the gaps created when I forgot to post something for the day. I know I probably shouldn’t fret over them, but I’ll get over it.

<deep sigh> OK, I’m over it.

It should be difficult to notice the few breaks overall; there have been times when I’ve written my post on my tablet, but because I didn’t  have a wi-fi connection at the time, it didn’t get uploaded until much later–as much as 12 or 14 hours even. On WP, they appear in proper chronological order. On FB and LI, not so much. And since G+ doesn’t allow for automatic posting like the others just mentioned, it’s way off ’cause I have to post them manually. Pretty well caught up for this month, but I have a bit of catching up to do since I only figured out how to do it manually a couple of days ago.

“Let’s do the time warp again!”

No. I NEVER saw that movie…more than a dozen or three times…


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