It’s A Small World…

I am thankful that my job has me in contact with numerous college student that I have come to know and appreciate. Because our contact is generally only seconds long (I’m at a cash register in a convenience store in one of the local university’s commons buildings), getting to know them is…time consuming. And given that there are 500 or so routinely though every day, there are plenty of folks I still don’t even recognize, let alone have a name matched to face yet.

But, added another name to face yesterday. I was teasing a student about good things to eat, like chocolate covered bacon and mentioned a local restaurant that serves it. To make a long story short, turns out this student is from Linz, Austria. So we had a wonderful, albeit lopsided conversation in German. Hadn’t spoken that much German since I left Bavaria in 1987. What a treat–for both of us! He was really excited to be able to speak a bit of his mother tongue as well. AND I found out that he had been Stateside for two years in high school–right here in town, graduating from my high school alma mater!  He graduated a year early, so he’s a 17 y/o college freshman–who is also taking 400 level German classes. He was teaching a 200 level course for graduate students last semester, but decided to pursue a couple of courses for himself so that he can get a German minor. I also learned that he wants to take Chinese last year–found  out after he asked me what  other languages I spoke: Chinese being one of them. I have dreams of mastering American in another decade or three, I can generally carry on conversations in German, but my Chinese (and Spanish) are fairly basic. I have some technical proficiency in New Testament Greek (aka Koine) and a smattering of Hebrew picked up in seminary. I’ve also gleaned a few words of Korean, Arabic, & Russian–some before talking with the international students I have seen daily, some afterwards.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day.

I’m thankful I have a new “friend” to look forward to seeing everyday.


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