I am thankful for “friend of friends”. I just recently made a new contact through an uncle–a friend of his is actually teaching English in China. He responded to my questions with a wealth of personal experience and gave me some information that, for the time being, likely crosses China off my list of potential places for employment: health care is “expensive”–that is, takes up a pretty big chunk of available income. And I have more health concerns.

On the other hand, I hadn’t given Taiwan much thought at all, and that option could potentially open a lot more doors. I may have to do some serious work on my Mandarin, but I’ve already got a foothold (OK, a toehold), but it’s definitely better than my non-existent Korean.

And, while unintended, he helped me determine where my priorities really were, something I really knew, but wasn’t quite willing to put as much emphasis on. I thoroughly enjoy traveling and seeing new places, I like learning languages, and delving into other cultures. I also need to pay off school, so going solely for the fabulous lifestyle just won’t be enough.

For now…


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