Peace Corps

I am again thankful for options–and unfortunately, this is one I likely will have to pass by. Another of the excellent ideas my contact in China suggested was looking into the Peace Corps. And I spent some time on their website checking them out.

Again, finances & medical were the two concerns that steer me away from this option–that and it’s a two-year commitment. Not that I’m wary of two years, per se, but given that many countries have age limits for teaching (especially where it is the most potentially “lucrative”–gotta get this school based albatross off my neck).

I’ll probably go ahead and make application…maybe one of their recruiters can give me a better idea of the potential benefits for my long-term plans. And maybe this information might influence the choices I make now.

Perhaps in a couple of years when I’ve the freedom to do so…

Nope. Couldn’t resist.

And no. I’m not sorry.



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