Learning and Experience

I am thankful for my nephew who seems to have learned a bit of something from experience. He wasn’t cooperative regarding the limits his mother placed on his technology, so there were numerous consequences designed to help him learn.

As the sysadmin for our little network, that meant a lot of extra doing for me. I hadn’t done much of any of that kind of stuff in over a decade and a lot has evolved since then.

The flip side is that I got my fingers in that technical pie again, just a little bit, and was able to keep (almost) every one happy. I did one specific gig as a travel agent, making certain I gave my nephew a nice little guilt trip because of all the additional work he gave me to play the bad guy and all the frustration he gave his grandmother because the network mods I made to keep him honest caused other network issues that inconvenienced his grandmother (and mother for that matter). He wasn’t impressed by the inconvenience, so I talked at him about relationships and bargaining chips and the fact that his current behavior and choice patterns weren’t earning him any points with the two most important women in his life–the two that had so much control and veto power.

It took a while and I thought I saw a light bulb. Today I learned that he had worked out something with his mother about helping him maintain the boundaries she set–he’s actually been handing his electronics over to her at night! (So glad I was already sitting down…)

Maybe some seed I planted really did take root…



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