Thoughtful Thursday: Perspectives

animated_thinking_cap I am thankful for the ability to ponder. To thoughtfully consider. To “split infinitives” as I please. Thoughtful Thursdays are opportunities to share and showcase some of the ideas, sayings, proverbs, quotations and clichés that inspire and motivate me. (I had intended originally to have Mindful Mondays…but wanted to use the alliteration for Music. And the clichés are included for a reason: a truth becomes a cliché precisely because it is so often repeated. imVho.)

Thus today: Perspective, historically speaking… Or spin, as the less charitable might have it. Consider one of the most famous rejoinders in history:

We will fight in the shade. Indeed. Didn’t help them survive (and it was a lot more than just the ‘300’ (Spartans)–about a thousand of ’em all told, but that’s for another history lesson). But it sure is something to think about.  Talk about a “lemons into lemonade” attitude.


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