Spring Cleaning

I am thankful for Passion Week/Passover preparations. One of the preparations is the removal of leaven. Generally in Scripture, leaven is a symbol for sin. Probably a good idea all around, getting rid of habits that drag you down and (eventually) cause you major trouble.

In Passion Week, this would correspond to the time Jesus went into the Temple and doing a bit of “Spring Cleaning.” cf: Matthew 21:12–13Mark 11:15–17Luke 19:45–46John 2:13–16). 

Jesus refers to the Temple as His house, so He would be required to clean it prior to Passover, yes? There are those who believe that He cleaned out the Temple on at least two different occasions, and I can go with that. I personally don’t see it as necessary to explain the so called contradiction between the Synoptic Gospel accounts (Mt, Mk, Lk) and John’s version (Jn). The different authors had different viewpoints, being different people, and more importantly, they had different reasons for writing and different audiences. I believe these differences are more than sufficient to account for the different descriptions and particulars that are brought forth. The Gospels are historically accurate, but they are not primarily histories. They very much have an agenda.


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