Thoughtful Thursdays: the Last Supper…Seder


I am thankful for the ability to ponder. To thoughtfully consider. To “split infinitives” as I please. To think. I think…

Thoughtful Thursdays are one opportunity for me to share and showcase some of the ideas, sayings, proverbs, quotations and cliches that inspire and motivate me.

Specifically today, I am thankful for the Seder meal, especially as understood from a Messianic perspective. I understand that there are many dissenting viewpoints, and not all of them are Jewish. Be that as it may, this is what I believe.

While there are challenges in pinning exact timelines down, the parallels between the accounts of the Last Supper and Passover are too numerous to ignore. As mentioned earlier, the Gospel writers had an agenda and satisfying our demands for every historical tidbit just wasn’t on their to do list. That’s OK. There is evidence aplenty and more than enough reasonable ideas to explain so called problems or alleged contradictions. Not my purpose to do full bore apologetics here. Simply to state that I find the aforementioned parallels to be tremendously inspirational and uplifting during this liturgical season.

It is especially important, imVho, to recall these things, as Paul urges us in 1 Co 11, when we as Believers celebrate Communion.

BTW, I am thankful for the inspiration this event gave DaVinci for the incredible art shown above. Just wish he hadn’t used an experimental fresco technique…


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