Sunday’s Spiritual Spin: Underwear

sunday’s Spiritual Spin

I am thankful for skivvies. Undies. Unmentionables. Underwear.

Gaak! What are you talking about…on a Sunday? How you gonna spin this?!

So glad you asked. Underwear makes a wonderful picture…an analogy, if you will (or even if you won’t) of our personal time (prayer & bible study) with God.

Huh? Well, it’s something most folks never see, save perhaps those closest to us. It covers private areas. And is frequently…personalized. So go ahead and see what analogies you have for the boxers, boxer briefs, tighty whiteys, underoos, well you get the picture (I hope)…no one prays or studies exactly like anyone else. It is an intimate time with God and how you relate to Him is very personal. Being…intimate, it affects the way you walk. Go ahead and think about that. Can cover embarrassing moments (I’ll let you figure that out too.)

Even (especially?) when you’re wearing something over it. Be it shorts, slacks, or skirts; your attitude, perspective, or your mask for public viewing.

Sadly, there are those who also “go commando”, which in this little picture, means they have no covering. No intimate relationship with the Lord. And that is really sad.

If you think there aren’t any graphics here for a reason, you’d be right.


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