I am thankful for towels. The cloth kind. Especially when I’m getting out of the shower. While a couple of large air dryers would also definitely work, they’re not really as efficient.Nor am I enamored of those huge beach towels. They don’t dry well unless spread out on the sand.

I prefer what Americans refer to as hand towels. More than adequate for the job. Now they do have to be sufficiently large to dry my back without cranking the arthritis in the right shoulder, but a standard hand towel works for that. They dry faster on the towel rack which means I can get a couple of extra days use before it starts smelling off–the beginning of mildew because it’s damp all the time. I can launder four of them for the same cost & effort of one so called bath towel, given that they are about one quarter of the size.

If you haven’t tried it, I challenge you to an experiment.  Try it for yourself for a week or so; give it a decent chance before quitting just because it’s different.



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