Thoughtful Thursdays: Problems Posting & a Check on the Experiment


I am thankful to be able to post again, after several weeks of technical difficulties. I was able to write–I have material to post, Just wasn’t able to connect the dots.

About what am I thoughtful this Thursday? The depth of my dependence on technical toys. Not posting, not having the accountability of my readers, just knowing I wasn’t pushing the envelope as hard as I needed to was enough to demonstrate the effectiveness of the experiment: my attitude changed radically and not at all for the better. It may take a bit for me to finally get all the posts online…

Happily, it’s all fixed.

I think.

UPDATE 18 April: I thought wrong. Didn’t listen to the wisdom of those who clearly said to write posts elsewhere and then transfer them to WP. Several posts have vanished into the ethers. Probably the same place the sock disappear to when in the dryer…I still have my outlines and a lot of text but the links & pictures & stuff…gotta rework alla that.


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