Culture Shock

I am thankful for books like Culture Shock: Korea. For  me, it was a relatively quick read, about a half a day, but it has all manner of cultural information that I’m sure I’ll be looking up again before and after I get to Korea. Some of the information wasn’t new; the internet is a wonderful thing, don’t ya know.

Some of it wasn’t new, per se, but offered some insight as to why–and that kind of info makes it well worth the extra shekels for real hardcopy (paperback).

And, since I don’t spell my name G O D (‘cuz I really don’t know much of anything, being a pieriansipist and not all knowing), there was a lot of goodies that were new to me. Thus adding value to my purchase.

I have no doubts that I will have my feet both firmly planted in my mouth on more occasions that I care to imagine, but I’m also thinking that it probably won’t be as bad as it could be, due to the information available in this wonderful little cultural guide.

Makes me wonder what parallels I’d find in a book called: Culture Shock: America-A survival guide to customs and etiquette in the USA. I doubt it would be so compact…



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