Thoughtful Thursday: Murphy Strikes Again…Still?

animated_thinking_cap I am thankful for the ability to ponder. To thoughtfully consider. To “split infinitives” as I please. To think. I think… Thoughtful Thursdays are one opportunity for me to share and showcase some of the ideas, sayings, proverbs, quotations and clichés that inspire and motivate me.

I learned many things while in seminary. For example: 1) There is a God. 2) I’m not Him. 3) There is a devil. 4) His name is Murphy, whence cometh Murphy’s Laws. (OK, not really. Here’s the origin. And I have several friends named Murphy, so I’m not really picking on anyone…)

The reason for all this, is this: I thought I had my blogging binds and posting problems under control.  I’ve been going blithely on my merry little way, not realizing the system I had wasn’t working. Poodles, I say! Poodles!*

Obviously not the case. Not sure what the deal has been. Anyway, I am now in the process of “catching up”–reposting manually. I am definitely going to have to do some more research on what methods for preventing such issues in the future. One suggestion I found is actually writing the post in EverNote (a favorite of mine!) and then copy/paste & tweak in WP after the fact. This protects the basic post, so I don’t have to redo everything from scratch AND has the marvelous additional joy of automagically creating a backup.

If any of you experienced bloggers have suggestions, I’m all ears…rebuilding posts is a serious pain.

*Generally the strongest expletive I use. Oh, there are in fact exceptions, but as a rule I tend not to use “four letter words.” It’s an arrogance thing. English has far too many words and phrases for expression without voluntarily limiting oneself to the same boring four letters over and over. Just sayin…


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