End of an Experiment

I am thankful I began this experiment over 18 months ago.

Blogging everyday about something I was/am thankful for was both an epic failure and a colossal success.

Failure: the bar–posting every day--was unrealistic, even though I still have more ideas and themes than I can possibly handle that I could post every day. Daily posting just isn’t realistic for me, as demonstrated by the lack of posts for nearly a year, and very sporadic posts prior to that.

Success: two things–1) learning about the grind of a daily posting requirement, even if it was self imposed and could have easily been changed. I could even have gone on writing binges and scheduled things well in advance…which I actually did a couple of times. 2) Developing a better attitude of gratitude. Is it a daily practice, as was my original intent? Not by a long shot. Am I generally more thankful. I think I can say “yes” to that. Not consistently, but overall.

I especially wish to thank those of you who, once upon a time, elected to follow this blog, for whatever reasons you may have had. I’m sorry I didn’t have the chops to keep a steady stream of some kind posted for you.

I will be transforming this domain (jeffreymdstormer.com) for my business launch in the very near future. (First part of June?)

Same great name (not that I’m biased or anything), totally new content and focus.

It’s been an eye-opening experiment. I learned quite a bit about myself and about blogging in general, and for that, I am thankful.


Dealers for an ebook junkie…

Kindle BuffetI am thankful for Kindle Buffet–a service that provides me with a daily dose of free ebooks, in genres I have chosen.

The real drawback is that I’ve accumulated quite a number & need to actually read them…that and finding storage on my tablet is beginning to be a consideration. Fortunately, as the name indicates, they are all Kindle friendly, so primary storage is in the Kindle Cloud.

Of course, I have both my tablet w/ Kindle Reader and my laptop w/ Kindle Cloud on which to enjoy these treats.



I am thankful for the tagging systems used by WP. Makes it so much easier for folks to find blogs they might be interested in–even mine!

I include the FB, LI, G+ etc logos at the bottom of the entry, ’cause sharing is good, right? Didn’t we learn that in kindergarten?

Now if G+ would make it easier for us lazy bloggers to automatically update the links like we do with FB, LI, Twitter, etc. Of course, I can still add it–manually. Sheesh. That’s like, 3 extra clicks, or something!