Hippo Birdie!



I am thankful for my dad who celebrates another year around the Sun.

May the Lord open your eyes to the overwhelming abundance of Grace and Blessing with which He showers you! And thanks for being such a blessing to me!


Sunday’s Spiritual Spin: Mother’s Day

sunday’s¬†Spiritual Spin

I am thankful for My Mom! But then, who isn’t? Thankful for MY mom, I mean. Of course, the majority of my vast and valued audience loves their own mothers. All I can say is that if you’re not thankful for my mother, it is simply because you don’t know her.

Mother’s Day: wikipedia has an incredible amount of stuff for Mother’s Day. Spend a moment in amazement at all the different places that formally acknowledge Mom.

I’d say be sure to include the “mom’s” that aren’t biologically related to you, too.

So, for my mother, and for all the mom’s out there who do that God-sent Mom thing for us all:¬†


Mom’s Home!

State seal of Florida

I am thankful that my mother had an excellent time with her brother in Florida for the last two weeks. She really needed some time for herself.

I am also thankful she’s back safe, in spite of the airline issues that inevitably happen.

I am especially thankful she’s back to help watch the kids–she’s got a lot more patience than I do.


I am thankful that Mom is making the opportunity to visit her brother in Florida. She hasn’t had a decent vacation in years. She was feeling a bit guilty leaving us all behind, but I’m thinking she’ll get over it after the first couple of hours in the pool. At least I hope so. Mom deserves something good.