Foodie Friday: Broccoli, shaken not stirred (except in a wok)

I am thankful for broccoli. It has a huge assortment of vitamins (C, for example), minerals (selenium) and healthy bits in it (dietary fiber, and some anti-cancer thingies). And it is tasty, despite what President Bush said.

Whether steamed, boiled, microwaved, stir fried or raw, it brings a vibrant color to the table; usually dark green in the States, but can be white or purple. Purple-ish. Generally speaking, the longer it’s cooked, the more healthy bits are leached out of it, especially when boiling. And a bit of crunch makes for a more interesting meal. imVho.

Broccoli is a member of the cabbage family, along with kale, collard greens, cauliflower, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, Chinese broccoli, rapini or broccoli rabe, and of course, cabbage, regardless of type. And, as Wikipedia informs me, a type of turnip.

It is not, however, even remotely related to Cubby or James Bond. Cubby did claim one of his uncles brought the first broccoli seeds to America in the 1870s but Thomas Jefferson had broccoli growing in his garden over a half century earlier. Probably next to the hemp…


Foodie Friday: Peanut, Peanut Butter….and jelly!




I am thankful for peanut butter. Incredibly versatile. Supremely tasty. And plays well with bacon.


You knew that was coming, right?


Many folks believe George Washington Carver invented peanut butter. Nope, while he did invent an amazing list of peanut based goodies (sweet potato, too!), the Aztecs were mashing peanuts into a paste in the 15th century and Marcellus Gilmore Edson of Montreal obtained the first patent for peanut butter in 1884; Carver was only 20 at the time.


“The King” (ah, Elvis) is said to have enjoyed peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches. And Hemminway liked his PB, not with J, but a thick slice of onion. Any guesses as to which one I’d try first?


Whether you choose Jif® or Skippy® or grind your own, you know you have to spread it on thick.


Here are some of the PB combos I’ve tried: honey, jelly/jam, butter, hazelnut spread, chocolate, bacon, banana, marshmallow, mayo, brown sugar, oatmeal, cream of wheat (back when I ate wheat), celery, carrots (not as good as celery), apples.


What are your favorite combos?

Peanut butter sandwich topped with bacon
Peanut butter sandwich topped with bacon (Photo credit: Wikipedi


Sunday Spin: Fellowship V

sunday’s Spiritual Spin

I am thankful for Fellowship. What is called the Communion of the Saints in many of Creeds. You may have noticed that.

What you may not know is that most Believers spell Fellowship this way: F O O D*

With a potluck lunch after service today, what can I say?

Om, nom, nom, nom…

*And for good cause. For those so inclined, try doing a bible study of all the things God does around food or the table. From eating the Fruit in Genesis, to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb in Revelation, God says a lot when there’s food around…just sayin. Almost like He invented the idea…

Ceramics drink containers

I am thankful for ceramics, mugs or cups in particular, for coffee and tea. I find that both metal and plastics lend a faint, but noticeable taste to the drink. Maybe it’s simply from where my lips touch. Maybe not. It makes a difference to me. And since I enjoy these heavenly gifts, I like to take some baby steps toward full blown snobbery. But since full blown snobbery is still a bit more expensive, both financially and temporally, than what I am will to sacrifice for at this juncture, baby steps is just fine.

The one pictured is my go-to for now. At home, I usually forgo the lid. There are ceramic mugs that are double walled, for better insulation; haven’t tried any of those. Used to have a beautiful Japanese tea set…can’t recall what happened to it. A blue tinted gray with black bamboo leaf motif. Not that I used it much. I’ve learned that some things do much better with continuous use rather than being “eyes only.” My cast iron set is like that…but that’s for another post.


Foodie Friday: Water

I am thankful for water to drink. Clean. Cool. Clear. I may choose on occasion to flavor it with all kinds of things: coffee, tea, cocoa, fruit juice, flavored powders…but a lot of times, just plain water.

Not everyone on this watery world has clean water to drink, so having it readily available at my tap is such a blessing.

My awareness and thankfulness is most acute when my blood sugar gets too low and I end up overcompensating to get it back up (too fast)–always causes diarrhea for me, so dehydration is pretty quick. Having a ready source of drinkable water to correct that…let’s just say I can imagine what it might be like to have my life threatened by dysentery.-

There is the “Rule of 3s” as a mnemonic (memory gimmick) for recalling priorities in emergency situations:

3 minutes without air; 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food.

Are these limits exact? No. Not by a long shot, But the idea is to help panicky people maintain or regain focus on what is important and in the right priority. Stranded in the wilderness, folks have been known to get seriously dead because they went after food instead of maintaining their body temperature as close to 98.6° as possible and neglected shelter.

The tie in here is that it doesn’t take long to get into major trouble without drinkable water.


Foodie Friday: Jerky

Beef_jerky   I am thankful for Jerky. Doesn’t much matter what flavor, either in terms of spices or marinades, or in terms of what critter it came from.

It’s my favorite snack, generally speaking.

Specifically speaking, it’s this: bacon-jerky

And like the packaging on the back says: “It’s the best thing since…EVER!”

Foodie Friday: Bread of Heaven, Paschal Lamb.

I am thankful for the Passion of my Lord, Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ.

So how’s this a Foodie Friday entry? Other than being (Good) Friday? Glad you asked. During His Last Supper, which was a Seder imVho, He referred to Himself as the Bread of Heaven.

And he took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” Luke 22:19 ESV

See also: John 6:22-59.

And since this was a Seder, celebrating Passover, there is the Paschal Lamb. The Korban Pesach, which in the TaNaKh (so called Old Testament) provided an atonement for Israel. The Letter to the Hebrews shows that for the Believer, Jesus is the Perfect Lamb, Who, as John The Baptist rightly noted, takes away the sin of the world.