And now, for something completely different…

I am thankful that I live in the community I do. It’s not everyday or everywhere you see messages like this sent from the local middle school:

CC: PFMS- Please be Advised

Dear Parents and Guardians,
This afternoon we were informed that a bear and her three cubs were spotted in
the Park Forest area. We have spoken to the Patton Township police and also to
the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Both authorities are fully aware of the
situation and tracking the animals. They feel our students walking home will
not be in harm ways  and have reassured us to continue with the instructional
day and dismissal as we typically would.
PFMS Administration

Actually, we’ve seen this sow and different sets of cubs for nearly a decade now. The only time we got at all worried was one year that was particularly dry, so they came wandering in looking for food and water. We were concerned that the dogs would be in danger, trying to chase them out of their territory and the sow getting riled up protecting her cubs. Fortunately, they managed to wander back into the nearby game lands. And more fortunately, the dry spell ended so they weren’t tempted to come into town. That year anyway.


(not a picture of “our” bears…public domain shot from


The Wheels on the Bus…

I am thankful for the local bus service. New buses -they’re replacing the older fleet. They all run on compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Not the most comprehensive service areas, but given the (funding) challenges and the fact that most folks around here have cars, they do a pretty good job.

Some of the lines are very punctual; others, not so much. And of course, the less punctual routes are the ones with the most folks riding. But that’s OK. Anyone using the services on a routing basis knows and understands. Probably don’t like it, but there you have it.

They also have a pretty decent website with routes & schedules published as well as smart phone apps with the same info plus a live bus tracker–you can get an idea of where your next ride is along the route.

Pretty cool. Now if only all government agencies were up to these (lame) standards. <sigh>


Understanding Employers

I am thankful that I have understanding employers/supervisors. Because of the problem I’m having with my toe, I need to sit while doing my job–at least keep off of my foot as much as possible so that I don’t further injure my toe. My job description requires that I stand, but because my bosses “get it”, that requirement is waived, at least temporarily.

Which is such a great thing. Even leaving my foot hang (no weight) or resting my heel on a support under the chair, there’s still a surprising amount of pain–nothing like what it is when I have to stand all day, or walk around. The only time my foot doesn’t hurt is when I lay down and prop it up just a little bit; helps the swelling go down.

And that means I don’t have to get all legalistic by formally requesting “reasonable accommodation” per the Americans with Disabilities Act. Really don’t want to go there if I can avoid it; such things tend to sour working relationships. (Although were invoking it required, I’d guess the relationship wasn’t working that well anyway…)


Med Tech

I am thankful for medical technology: specifically the toys and goodies that make life with diabetes livable. Without a gloucometer and insulin, it would be pretty short.

I am also thankful for the Veteran’s Administration, through which I receive my most excellent medical care. I hear all manner of horror stories about VA medical care–and that’s all they are to me; stories. No more believable than any other campfire tale. The care I have received has been excellent.

Your tax dollars at work, and I “Thank you. Thank you very much.”


Hard questions and Harder Answers

I am thankful for wisdom & common sense. Governor Huckabee answers a hard question in light of the heinous actions in CT this past weekend. But his answers are harder than the question…do we really want answers? Do we want to look into the mirror Gov. Huckabee puts up for us? Dare we as a society honestly consider what we might see?

Don’t be questioning/blaming God when evil happens if you don’t want Him in your public forum.



Politics and Prayer

I am thankful for The Republic. She has weathered numerous elections with folks of whatever stripe cheering/complaining about the results. Some of the results have been excellent; some…not so  much. Yet, we endure.

Regardless of your political stance, or your religious one, it is always a good time to pray for those in authority. They shoulder burdens most of us cannot fathom. The only people who can come close to understanding are those who have walked in those shoes (at whatever governmental level), and even then, the circumstances are never the same. (cf: Heraclitus).

Dr. Charles Stanley has an excellent post giving Christian reasoning for praying for the President.

So if you’re the praying type, pray. Send positive energy, if that’s what you do. Think encouraging thoughts. Whatever.

Just don’t be like Moriarity