I am thankful Kollagen┬« “sprinkles”. Again. Yet another toe wound. Yet another toe wound healing superbly because of the sprinkles. A tiny dab of first aid ointment so the sprinkles have something to stick to & cover with a 2×2 & tape.

Even my doctor was impressed with how clean it looked.



What Can Brown Do for ME?

I am thankful for UPS. They delivered my insulin today. Ice packs still frozen solid. They’ve also been the ones to deliver my requests for FBI CBCs and apostilles. In timely fashion at a reasonable price with a tracking system that allows me to keep tabs on where my goodies are. One wonders why the USPS hasn’t caught up. Unless it’s because of the US part. Bureauocracy is the parasite of govern…that is government, I guess.


Getting “Old”

I am thankful for the ability to age. I pray I am doing it gracefully. Were it not for the Hope I have for the Hereafter, I’m thinking getting old would beat the goat cheese out of the alternative. Dead has this nasty way of ruining weekend plans.

I’ve actually been looking forward to being an elder, full of years, wisdom and experience…instead of that other stuff folks said I was full of.

So getting older has never been a problem. Feeling older, on the other hand…

That was actually the inspiration for today’s post. Well, not feeling older per se, but the stereotypical “geriatric” focus on health. I have a podiatry appointment today. My doctor will be able to bless my new shoes and check on the progress of the blister I had (now nicely healed up!) And maybe even get in a request for authorization to have my old shoes fixed up a bit.

It helps tremendously that I have such excellent health care through the VA. It’s one of the things I will be missing whenever I finally leave to go teach…


The Simplicity and Marvels of Modern Medicine

I am thankful for the marvels of modern medicine, without which I would be long in the grave. How many untold millions of children never reach(ed) age 5 because of childhood diseases against which I was vaccinated as a child? How many more as an adult? To say nothing of diabetes and insulin. So I won’t.

I had a blister form and tear on one of my toes while at work yesterday. Because of diabetically induced nerve damage, I didn’t feel any pain per se, although I did feel it in the form of increased fatigue, swollen ankle (which had been an issue for a couple of days, so I didn’t think too much more of it)–it was a bit more than the usual end-of-a-long-day-spent-on-your-feet kind of thing.

With today’s modern medical miracles, I can deal with this at home quite well. A bit of hydrogen peroxide to clean it out, some triple antibiotic ointment to keep the cooties out, and an easily applied bandage: all available from the local convenience store, supermarket, FITB. No prescription necessary. Oh, I notified┬ámy primary care team. I’m not a complete idiot.

Just mostly.