And now, for something completely different…

I am thankful that I live in the community I do. It’s not everyday or everywhere you see messages like this sent from the local middle school:

CC: PFMS- Please be Advised

Dear Parents and Guardians,
This afternoon we were informed that a bear and her three cubs were spotted in
the Park Forest area. We have spoken to the Patton Township police and also to
the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Both authorities are fully aware of the
situation and tracking the animals. They feel our students walking home will
not be in harm ways  and have reassured us to continue with the instructional
day and dismissal as we typically would.
PFMS Administration

Actually, we’ve seen this sow and different sets of cubs for nearly a decade now. The only time we got at all worried was one year that was particularly dry, so they came wandering in looking for food and water. We were concerned that the dogs would be in danger, trying to chase them out of their territory and the sow getting riled up protecting her cubs. Fortunately, they managed to wander back into the nearby game lands. And more fortunately, the dry spell ended so they weren’t tempted to come into town. That year anyway.


(not a picture of “our” bears…public domain shot fromĀ


Leise rieselt der Schnee

I am thankful for the gently falling snow today.

I am even more thankful that we have a snow removal service. Or falling that, a snow blower. And a 14 year old who is actually still excited about using it.


An Abundance of Opportunity

I am thankful for a boat load of things, which isn’t unusual, but I try hard to limit myself to just one per post. Today just happens to be a bit harder than usual.

The moon was particularly beautiful last night. Don’t know if it was full or not; frankly I can’t see allĀ that well most nights, not that it changes the beauty or my appreciation of it.

And the reason that I was up late to see such beauty was emailing back and forth with “my recruiter” (the folks that are helping me find a contract to teach English in Korea)–they found a school and my interview is this Sunday! And I’ll admit I’m a bit excited. Yeah, right! Who am I trying to kid! I’m a LOT excited!

From the descriptions the recruiters have sent, it looks like a pretty good match. And I’m guessing that the headmaster thinks so too, why schedule an interview otherwise?

Soooo, two new items on my immediate To Do list: research “typical questions for a Korean TEFL interview” and check out the school’s website. Via Google translate…