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  • A Good Life Remembered

    I am thankful for having known Howard O. “Buzz” Triebold, whose funeral was held 8 years ago today. What I remember is them taking me hunting; I was about 13 or so. Buzz was a great outdoorsman and loaned me a shotgun since we were out for birds–quail, or grouse. It was a monstrous blunderbuss. […]

  • Sunday Spin: Fellowship V

    unday’s Spiritual Spin I am thankful for Fellowship. What is called the Communion of the Saints in many of Creeds. You may have noticed that. What you may not know is that most Believers spell Fellowship this way: F O O D* With a potluck lunch after service today, what can I say? Om, nom, nom, […]

  • Culture Shock

    I am thankful for books like Culture Shock: Korea. For  me, it was a relatively quick read, about a half a day, but it has all manner of cultural information that I’m sure I’ll be looking up again before and after I get to Korea. Some of the information wasn’t new; the internet is a […]

  • Just Plain Saturday, a prelude to Holy Week

    I am thankful for my faith as a Believer. And, no, it has nothing to do with Justin, although we just might have a commonality in terms of faith. But I digress. Faith is important to me. Well, to everyone really, but many folks don’t see it that way. Yet again, I digress. Today’s focus […]

  • Thoughtful Friends

    I am thankful for my small group that meets Wednesday nights, usually for a bible study. Tonight, we did our (roughly) quarterly dinner. And since I am gluten intolerant, they got me some Chinese take out instead of the pizza & salad they all had. I had offered to bring my own to save them […]

  • THON 2013

    unday’s Spiritual Spin I am thankful–

  • THON

    I an thankful for THON–aka Penn State Dance Marathon, a philanthropic phenomenon that raises funds to fight pediatric cancer care of The Four Diamonds Fund. Forget about the so-called scandal of last year. This is what Penn State is about. I  am thankful for a community that cares about children and is motivated to do […]

  • Mirror, Mirror III

    unday’s Spiritual Spin I am thankful for friends, real, honest friends. Friends who can act like mirrors to show you things you can’t see for yourself. Light in dark places. Eyes for the blind spots. Blessed is he who has friends. Blessed is he who has a Friend Who sticks closer than a brother.

  • Evidence for Evil

    I am thankful for a worldview that allows for, nay, actively promotes, the idea that evil exists. Having been in the mental health industry as a therapist for nearly two decades, I have a grasp on what mental illness is, as well as what evil is. (I spent a great deal of time working with […]

  • Relationship

    unday’s Spiritual Spin I am thankful for the people I’ve met while working the temp job I currently have. Because I have been planning to move to Korea to teach English for quite some time now, and needed more $$$ to get ‘er  done, I chose to work with a temp agency in town. The position […]