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  • Hail, the Conquering Hero!

    I am thankful for Joe Boris, a history/sociology teacher at State College Area High School. He is retiring this year, after 40 years at State High. The number of students he’s touched is in the tens of thousands and there isn’t one who knows Joe at all that doesn’t love him. Or at least will […]

  • Thoughtful Thursdays: On Teaching

    I am thankful for the ability to ponder. To thoughtfully consider. To “split infinitives” as I please. To think. I think… Thoughtful Thursdays are one opportunity for me to share and showcase some of the ideas, sayings, proverbs, quotations and clich├ęs that inspire and motivate me. So, what inspires me this week? Glad you asked… […]

  • Grace Prep High School

    I am thankful for Grace Prep Christian High School here in State College, PA. I am thinking of them today primarily because they’re off on one of their “Air School” adventures: 20 miles on the Appalachian Trail, somewhere down in VA. Not sure exactly where since my nephew really didn’t make that very clear. Maybe […]

  • TEFL Options

    I am thankful for choices, particularly regarding employment. As I mentioned yesterday, a contact I made suggested Taiwan as a potential location for teaching English, especially since I have some (limited) ability with Mandarin. And as mentioned yesterday, one of my concerns is my health care. Taiwan is a much better option than the PRC […]

  • Networking

    I am thankful for “friend of friends”. I just recently made a new contact through an uncle–a friend of his is actually teaching English in China. He responded to my questions with a wealth of personal experience and gave me some information that, for the time being, likely crosses China off my list of potential […]

  • Inspiration is Where You Find It

    I am thankful for quotations, like one I found today that tickles me deeply. “I teach. What’s your superpower?”

  • On Being Challenged

    I am thankful that I am being challenged, forced outside my current comfort zones, given the opportunity to grow. I serve as a community Chaplain, focusing on youth. I have been involved in Scouting for years. The two interests merged when I began teaching the Protestant Religious Awards program (formerly called God and Country)–this year […]

  • Internet III: The Joys and Perils of Connection

    I am thankful for the Internet: it allowed a former student of mine to find me and reconnect. Granted, the outcome was very positive. Said student was even rather complimentary! Some might take that as a given, this student took the time and energy to look me up, right? I definitely appreciate those positive vibes! […]