Dealers for an ebook junkie…

Kindle BuffetI am thankful for Kindle Buffet–a service that provides me with a daily dose of free ebooks, in genres I have chosen.

The real drawback is that I’ve accumulated quite a number & need to actually read them…that and finding storage on my tablet is beginning to be a consideration. Fortunately, as the name indicates, they are all Kindle friendly, so primary storage is in the Kindle Cloud.

Of course, I have both my tablet w/ Kindle Reader and my laptop w/ Kindle Cloud on which to enjoy these treats.




I am thankful for automobiles. Cars. The ability to get me & my stuff from point A to point B in a modicum of comfort, safety, and economy.

My first ride was…not pictured at left. It was a Super Beetle.


This is what I wanted for quite a long while…the Aptera. Might as well dream big when dreaming, no?

In that bizarre place we call reality, I might not ever buy another vehicle, although that decision will put very specific limitations on where I live. Mass transit and all that, you know. It is sad that the US has developed such a love affair with the car and has neglected its mass transportation systems. Once upon a time, we had cutting edge railways and street car/tram systems all over the country. I’m pretty sure we’ll have something like that again. Eventually. The question is whether I’ll live long enough to see it.

Maybe I’ll move to Seoul…i hear there’s excellent mass transit there…

Even so, I am still thankful that I didn’t “have” to walk all that far today.

Ceramics drink containers

I am thankful for ceramics, mugs or cups in particular, for coffee and tea. I find that both metal and plastics lend a faint, but noticeable taste to the drink. Maybe it’s simply from where my lips touch. Maybe not. It makes a difference to me. And since I enjoy these heavenly gifts, I like to take some baby steps toward full blown snobbery. But since full blown snobbery is still a bit more expensive, both financially and temporally, than what I am will to sacrifice for at this juncture, baby steps is just fine.

The one pictured is my go-to for now. At home, I usually forgo the lid. There are ceramic mugs that are double walled, for better insulation; haven’t tried any of those. Used to have a beautiful Japanese tea set…can’t recall what happened to it. A blue tinted gray with black bamboo leaf motif. Not that I used it much. I’ve learned that some things do much better with continuous use rather than being “eyes only.” My cast iron set is like that…but that’s for another post.


Thoughtful Thursdays: Problems Posting & a Check on the Experiment


I am thankful to be able to post again, after several weeks of technical difficulties. I was able to write–I have material to post, Just wasn’t able to connect the dots.

About what am I thoughtful this Thursday? The depth of my dependence on technical toys. Not posting, not having the accountability of my readers, just knowing I wasn’t pushing the envelope as hard as I needed to was enough to demonstrate the effectiveness of the experiment: my attitude changed radically and not at all for the better. It may take a bit for me to finally get all the posts online…

Happily, it’s all fixed.

I think.

UPDATE 18 April: I thought wrong. Didn’t listen to the wisdom of those who clearly said to write posts elsewhere and then transfer them to WP. Several posts have vanished into the ethers. Probably the same place the sock disappear to when in the dryer…I still have my outlines and a lot of text but the links & pictures & stuff…gotta rework alla that.

Weird Science

I am thankful for Science, an expression of mankind’s curiosity* about the world. Our bodies. Our minds…well, everything. I am also a huge sci-fi (properly pronounced “skiffy”) fan; sci-fi is an expression of mankind’s imagination.

Here’s where imagination and curiosity have become reality:

It’s happened before, lots of times. The water-bed (remember those?) came from the mind/pen of Robert Heinlein as a medical device for burn patients. Our clam shell style cell phones are the direct intellectual descendants of Star Trek TOS communicators. As are the self opening doors that you can find at a supermarket or hospital–or wherever.

What are your favorite examples of sci-fi come to life?

*”Curiosity: the quiet, joyful expression of one’s ignorance.”

Software for Spiritual Study

sunday’s Spiritual Spin

I am thankful for the seeming myriad of software available for free, or mostly reasonable cost, for spiritual study. Given my particular take on life, the universe and everything, for me that means Christian Bible study tools.

I have been a big fan of Laridian software. Used it on my pdas and desktop for years–right up to switching to Android. And they are diligently working on that. Most of what they have is pay-ware (as opposed to free ware or fitb-ware) but reasonably priced–especially when you consider that when you buy one of their titles, you can download it for every platform you use. And, they have a very large variety of bibles, commentaries, devotionals, etc from which to choose. The interface is straightforward and linking/syncing between platforms/devices and various books is a breeze.

I currently use the FaithLife Bible by Logos, but when Laridian finishes the Android version, I will be looking very hard at going back. I am looking to settle into one version and transfer all my notes to it, making my very own, super personalized study system.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are all kinds of helpful tools out there to reinforce your spiritual walk, whatever it may be.


What do you use? And more importantly: why? (What that one instead of that other one?)