I am thankful for the tagging systems used by WP. Makes it so much easier for folks to find blogs they might be interested in–even mine!

I include the FB, LI, G+ etc logos at the bottom of the entry, ’cause sharing is good, right? Didn’t we learn that in kindergarten?

Now if G+ would make it easier for us lazy bloggers to automatically update the links like we do with FB, LI, Twitter, etc. Of course, I can still add it–manually. Sheesh. That’s like, 3 extra clicks, or something!



Hopefully, One Step Ahead…

I am thankful for router software that allows me to establish and enforce boundaries for the family without constant, immediate supervision; some of whom require it, some not at all, and some: room for growth and the development of self discipline–ah, semi-supervised on the job training, so to speak.

While it has been a tremendous pain in the dupa, I must admit a bit of satisfaction during a “confrontation” today. Although I have been mostly hiding from humanity, with whatever kooties have been going around, the primary Time boundary pusher came into my room to ask why he couldn’t connect to the internet. Being very out of sorts and on at least two (or so) shot of “Nyquil” my response was rather…curt. “If you could be trusted to obey the tech curfew your mother set, I wouldn’t have to lock you out.” “But I have a paper to finish…” “Stinks to be you, doesn’t it?” “PLEEEAASSE!” “OK. I will set it up. It will cut off at 10PM. and there is a log running so I can tell if you even try to connect after that. Second bust: one week lock out. You’ll have to figure something else out, like actually going to school and doing your research there, downloading what you need and finishing the write up at your convenience. Please be informed that you coming up here for this, at this time of night, especially while I’m feeling SO good, is not MY convenience. Understood?” No response.

We shall see.

Time Warp

I am thankful for the ability in WordPress to “go back in time” to edit old posts. For example, I just added a “pets” category and will be adding it to the posts dealing with pets. Both of them.

And…it gives  me the ability to plug-in the gaps created when I forgot to post something for the day. I know I probably shouldn’t fret over them, but I’ll get over it.

<deep sigh> OK, I’m over it.

It should be difficult to notice the few breaks overall; there have been times when I’ve written my post on my tablet, but because I didn’t  have a wi-fi connection at the time, it didn’t get uploaded until much later–as much as 12 or 14 hours even. On WP, they appear in proper chronological order. On FB and LI, not so much. And since G+ doesn’t allow for automatic posting like the others just mentioned, it’s way off ’cause I have to post them manually. Pretty well caught up for this month, but I have a bit of catching up to do since I only figured out how to do it manually a couple of days ago.

“Let’s do the time warp again!”

No. I NEVER saw that movie…more than a dozen or three times…

Ebooks II: Spiritual Specialties–Scripture

sunday’s Spiritual Spin

I am thankful for electronic versions of Scripture. I have more than I can conveniently count and way more than I can effectively use.

My favorites (for now) include: Logos, FaithLife Bible, YouVersion. I am working on picking “the one”  to which I will then make a “study practice” of copying interesting notes, sermon points, FITB from all my other sources, whether electronic or hard copy. I have several paper bibles to transfer, boat loads of Greek & Hebrew notes, and I can’t even remember how many notebooks from various messages, sermons, bible studies, classes, etc I’ve enjoyed over the years.

It also gives me an excuse to filter out material that hasn’t translated well to my current theological understandings. Gotta Love growth!



Tech Toys Meets Geek Technique

I am thankful that technology has developed to the point it has. I spent several days’ worth of time over the past couple of weeks learning how to best store the family’s huge collection of movies to our new Seagate GoFlex Home™ network attached storage.

This is where my Tech Toys© meets my Geek Technique©.

Plenty of how-to’s on the net. Tried several versions and finally came up with one that works with my laptop, my mom’s Roku and my sister’s desktop. Haven’t got the Androids or the nephew’s iCrap (no I’m not a fan) yet.

The next hurdle is cranking through the library and storing it. Not looking forward to doing the VHS->dvd->nas. Plus cataloging what movies we have so we’re not duplicating them again.again.

One crisis at a time.

Now serving Crisis 14. Number 14, please!