Fountain pens

I am thankful for fountain pens. I find they help me cultivate an attitude of deliberateness, of purposefulness. Can’t just start scribbling a letter or whatever with a fountain pen, especially if it doesn’t have a cartridge. Have to take a bit of time to compose your thoughts so as not to write too carelessly and leave ink splattered all over the page. Or at least that is true for me. Maybe were I to use a pen more often I would better master the skills necessary for proper use. In any case, fountain pens add a note of elegance to the creative  process. A process tremendously different when keyboarding on my laptop and different again from thumbing my tablet. More food for thought.



I am thankful for towels. The cloth kind. Especially when I’m getting out of the shower. While a couple of large air dryers would also definitely work, they’re not really as efficient.Nor am I enamored of those huge beach towels. They don’t dry well unless spread out on the sand.

I prefer what Americans refer to as hand towels. More than adequate for the job. Now they do have to be sufficiently large to dry my back without cranking the arthritis in the right shoulder, but a standard hand towel works for that. They dry faster on the towel rack which means I can get a couple of extra days use before it starts smelling off–the beginning of mildew because it’s damp all the time. I can launder four of them for the same cost & effort of one so called bath towel, given that they are about one quarter of the size.

If you haven’t tried it, I challenge you to an experiment.  Try it for yourself for a week or so; give it a decent chance before quitting just because it’s different.


‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

I am thankful that Christmas is nearly here. It is difficult to keep focused on the Incarnation with the little darlings jumping up and down in their excitement for goodies tomorrow.

Although I am not materialistic–and looking to pare down what I do have–not everyone in the family has the same perspective on life. I much prefer “collecting” experiences or memories (particularly with folks I love) than collecting stuff. The younger one will be getting lots of smaller items, the older ones will be getting fewer, more expensive items. I will be getting what I want too–armed with a camera to capture their expressions as they rip through the wrapping paper.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the split pea and ham soup we’ll be having for left overs. although the ham, sweet potatoes, etc will be mighty good too. Especially the etc.

“And mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again…”

Study Software

sunday’s Spiritual Spin

I am thankful for The Faithlife Study Bible by Logos.

Given the proximity to Christmas, we read The Christmas Story in the Scriptures today. I use the FSB on my tablet for the time being–so many study helps are built in. It’s not as powerful as the desktop version of the Logos software that I also use, but for folks new to systematic bible study or folks wanting solid material without needing to download a gazillion additional items–this is awesome stuff.

Unless, of course, you’re actually wanting to listen to the sermon instead of getting side tracked down a bunch of different bunny trails…but that’s why the sermons are recorded & posted to the church website for later perusal. And I am thankful for that too!


Armed Forces logos: Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard

I am thankful for those who have served or are serving our country in our Armed Forces.
I am also thankful for their families who also sacrifice for the country.

To my brethren (and sistren? ! )-in-arms, I salute you!

Click here for my FB Heroes Album (Servicemen & Veterans I know and admire).

NB: While it is always appropriate to honor deceased servicemembers, technically, the focus on Veteran’s Day is on those still around (1).  Memorial Day is for those who have passed, and their survivors.

(1) You’re welcome.