Understanding Employers

I am thankful that I have understanding employers/supervisors. Because of the problem I’m having with my toe, I need to sit while doing my job–at least keep off of my foot as much as possible so that I don’t further injure my toe. My job description requires that I stand, but because my bosses “get it”, that requirement is waived, at least temporarily.

Which is such a great thing. Even leaving my foot hang (no weight) or resting my heel on a support under the chair, there’s still a surprising amount of pain–nothing like what it is when I have to stand all day, or walk around. The only time my foot doesn’t hurt is when I lay down and prop it up just a little bit; helps the swelling go down.

And that means I don’t have to get all legalistic by formally requesting “reasonable accommodation” per the Americans with Disabilities Act. Really don’t want to go there if I can avoid it; such things tend to sour working relationships. (Although were invoking it required, I’d guess the relationship wasn’t working that well anyway…)



Unexpected Blessings

I am thankful for surprises in the form of unexpected blessings. I have been having some difficulty finding a contract to teach English in Korea. And I have no solid clue why that may be. And the longer I am Stateside, the more expenses nibble at my stash of cash that I’ve squirrelled away to pay for travel & such for Korea.

I was asked if I wanted some extra hours at work. I said yes, so starting this week I will have 40 hours/week instead of 31.5. A significant boost for the stash. The “downside” is I now feel obligated to stick out the semester (I’m working a temp job at a local university) which means my availability date won’t be until at least May 15. Fortunately, it’s only a feeling; there’s no contractual obligation.

On the other hand, that puts me in better position for the hiring  window for the second semester in Korea (hiring July-August for September start) OR the beginning of the new school year for the schools following the American academic calendar.

On the gripping hand*, it means that I’ll be able to pay off more of the smaller bills/debts that I was thinking I’d knock out from Korea. I’ll still do that as needed, since the cost of living vs benefits/income in Korea will mean that I’ll have more disposable income to do that. This unexpected blessing means that I can start whacking away at some of this stuff earlier.

I am thankful that the Lord is aware of what I need and is opening doors for me.

*from The Mote in God’s Eye by Jerry Pournelle


I am thankful that I was able to sit for my entire shift today in an effort to keep the damage to my blistered toe to a minimum while still getting things done. The difference in the pain levels in my leg (stress & “displaced pain”) today and Sunday are amazing.

My only concern is: how long will I need to do that till my toe heals up?


Workplace Blessings

I am thankful for many blessings in the workplace.  I mentioned the blessing of income earlier–money may not make the world go ’round, but it does grease the axles somewhat.

The single most important blessing is the people. Whether they are customers or clients, superiors or subordinates or cube-mates, the folks in your work realm can make or break the experience.

I have been enormously blessed in that I have always had excellent people around me. Almost always. More often than not. There have been the occasional pointy haired bosses and such, but for the most part, I have been blessed.

Working 9-5…

I am thankful for employment. I am currently working through a temp agency, pending a contract to teach English in Korea. The assignment I had last “year” was at a local university (:last semester”) and I am blessed that it continues this semester.

And because it’s a temp job, I don’t feel all that guilty if I end up leaving “early” to go to Korea.

Technically, I work 1030-2100. Friday-Saturday. Makes for a long couple of days, but my “weekend” is Monday-Thursday.


R & R

I am thankful for the recent Christmas holiday. While the holidays bring their own kinds of stress, for the most part, they afforded me a bit of R & R– a break from the usual routines.

And now it’s time to get back into said routines. I didn’t “get much done” over the break and I don’t feel compelled to do so. That being said, though, I do have goals. dreams and aspirations, none of which will happen without a bit of effort on my part. Or a lot of effort.

As it is written in Ecc 3:


An Abundance of Opportunity

I am thankful for a boat load of things, which isn’t unusual, but I try hard to limit myself to just one per post. Today just happens to be a bit harder than usual.

The moon was particularly beautiful last night. Don’t know if it was full or not; frankly I can’t see all that well most nights, not that it changes the beauty or my appreciation of it.

And the reason that I was up late to see such beauty was emailing back and forth with “my recruiter” (the folks that are helping me find a contract to teach English in Korea)–they found a school and my interview is this Sunday! And I’ll admit I’m a bit excited. Yeah, right! Who am I trying to kid! I’m a LOT excited!

From the descriptions the recruiters have sent, it looks like a pretty good match. And I’m guessing that the headmaster thinks so too, why schedule an interview otherwise?

Soooo, two new items on my immediate To Do list: research “typical questions for a Korean TEFL interview” and check out the school’s website. Via Google translate…